Our Annual Report is online!



 July 26th - 29th, 2016




During these 4 days, 26 participants completed their first-aid-training. In simple and practical ways all basics were taught, and now they go back to their daycares and get to use their gained knowledge.




 b_250_0_16777215_00_images_aktuelles_Juli20.jpg July 20th, 2016



Our blanket project is expanding. „You shall Live“ now also in Diepsloot, another township in Pretoria.


July 2016



In July we started a makeover in a daycare called Keotshepile. This is possible because of generous donations from Lena’s family.






 b_150_0_16777215_00_images_aktuelles_juli8.jpg July 8th, 2016



This little princess moved to her „forever family“ today. She now has a father, a mother, and a big brother. We are full of joy and thankful for the months that we spent together! We know she will find her way and we wish her all the best! God bless!




 b_200_0_16777215_00_images_aktuelles_juli7.jpg July 1st, 2016


All „babies“ eat solid food by now. Because of these new developments, our workload increased. Therefore we now have the support of Mama Miriam. She takes care of the washings of the Baby house and our three foster children, and she cooks very delicious food.




 June 2016



Finally we could start working on a jungle gym for our Baby house. Since all 6 „babies“ walk by now, they have become much more active. Climbing, sliding, swinging, balancing and so much more are very important steps in the development of a child. By playing this way developmental deficits can be overcome quite fast.




 b_250_0_16777215_00_images_aktuelles_juni18.jpgJune 2016 - August 2016


Thanks to some donations from a dentist office in Gunzenhausen, Germany, Chrissi was able to give out 200 toothbrushes, -paste and -cups.





  May 2016b_200_0_16777215_00_images_aktuelles_Dajana_und_Ester.jpg



Because of supply and demand we are able to start a new round on our blanket project!




 April 2016

A roof for the Baby house play area



In April we started working on a roof for the sandpit area. Now the babies can play even when it rains or the hot sun is shining.



 March 2016

 Team Bonn

On March 2nd the team from Bonn landed in South Africa. Their goal: building 5 jungle gyms in only 2 weeks. 10 boys, 5 girls and little Nele had to give it all. Every day started with a quick devotion, praise and worship, and prayer. Then everyone started right away with their work: hammering, sawing, screwing, gouging holes, and putting the different parts together. With a high motivation, everyone enjoyed a great atmosphere… and indeed 5 jungle gyms were completed in this short time period.









The girls took care of the meals, helped building, did a play-dough-day, fed and helped handing out shoes and other donations to countless children in various daycares in the township.










We are stunned by the willingness of these young people to fly around the world, put their hands to hard work in order to make a difference in this world.

We will not forget this time together! THANK YOU TEAM BONN - you are the best first team of this kind that we could wish for!


 February 2016

 Kitchen renovation





For 4 years we used a temporary „kitchen“ - we cooked on a two-plate-stove and a microwave for all volunteers and for the 3 foster children.





With the upcoming arrival of 17 people and additionally 6 volunteers we needed to find a good solution in just one month. The decision to renovate and rebuild was made quickly, and we needed all hands to complete this huge project on time!





The girls helped ripping out the floor of kitchen and lounging area, sanding the ceilings, painting windows, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.




Peet our handyman had to put in many extra hours to be done before the arrival of the group. A huge Thank You to ALL involved! A job well done!



January 2016

A group of highly motivated people from Bonn under the leadership of Eduard and Katharina Knaub started a fundraising project. Together they plan to come to Hammanskraal, South Africa in March to build 5 jungle gyms in slum areas.




 January 13th, 2016



Today it’s „back to school“ for our three forster children, a special occasion for Michael as he starts highschool at Prestige College.