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A home for babies and toddlers

The need of children, especially babies and toddlers in South Africa, is gigantic! Through our involvement in daycare centers, in various townships, we are confronted with severe stories of those little ones on a regular base. To give life and hope to those that had a difficult start into this life, we founded a home for small kids in Hammanskraal.


Blankets for South Africa’s children!

In the townships of South Africa, about 7 children share one blanket that lies on the cold floor or if they are lucky they have an old mattress. Hygiene has nothing to say in these cases. One child might wet their pants and all others will be wet as well. Or one child has TB, but is under one blanket with 6 others.

Winters in South Africa get quite cold, and no child should be lying on a cement or stone floor in an unheated room with about 10 degrees.


Playgrounds and gyms for daycare centers!

Through donations that came in during Christmas season 2013 we were able to buy for the first time some equipment for physical education in surrounding townships!

This project means so much to us because of various reasons. One of the main one is that many children are in very tide corners all day long in daycare centers where they are more or less motionless - sitting around all day long. Due to those circumstances they are less developed in their motor skills, which influences other areas of their development as well.



Tables and chairs for children in the nearest townships

Most children in South African townships spend more than 10 hours per day in a daycare center. Therefore, we make it our concern to equip them with the absolute minimum.



Training for Daycare workers in Townships

Because of our work in the townships of South Africa, we are confronted almost daily with the problem of a lack of training. Under the slogan "Poverty is not an obstacle to be a good teacher!" we have therefore decided to offer the following courses.

Early Childhood Development in a practical way

First Aid Training

Fire safety education



Foster children Michael, Busisiwe and Katlego


For several years now, we are lovingly taking care of Michael, Busi and Katlego.



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